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Cholecalciferol Tablets

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Composition : Cholecalciferol 10000 I.U

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Description of Cholecalciferol Tablets

Cholecalciferol Tablets are a fusion of fat-soluble vitamins that helps the body to absorb the calcium and phosphorus commonly found in various food and food supplements. Vitamin D is usually produced in the body when it gets exposed to the sun but as people use different products and chemicals to protect themselves from the sun rays, the body doesn't get enough vitamins as required by it in order to carry out the essential functions properly. That’s where these tablets become useful as they facilitate a good absorption of calcium in the body.

Uses of Cholecalciferol Tablets

Cholecalciferol Tablets are used in those individuals who are having a low level of calcium in their body and there can be numerous reasons for this happening such as having a poor diet, less exposure to sunlight, or suffering from a disease.

Side Effects of Cholecalciferol Tablets

Cholecalciferol Tablets can cause some minor side effects which are given below.

  • chest pain
  • increased levels of calcium in the body. 
  • weakness 
  • weight loss
  • constipation

Manufacturer & Supplier Of Cholecalciferol Tablets

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