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Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Services In India - Collaborate with Leading Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Company in India, Biophar Lifesciences certified with ISO having world-class R&D, Quality management systems, production facilities, packaging techniques and logistic associates. We have been delivering fine quality and effective range of pharmaceuticals drug formulations. Our products list covers multiple drug segments of nutraceuticals, dermatology, cosmeceuticals, pediatric, cardiac diabetic, ophthalmic, Ortho, ayurvedic, and herbal medicines. Our manufacturing houses bulk production capacity for thousands of units of Pharma tablets, capsules, syrups, beta-lactam drugs, creams, ointments, etc. Being a trusted Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Company, we have been following strict international guidelines of GMP to ensure optimal solution and consumer satisfaction.
Biophar Lifesciences has worked with some of the top leaders of the Pharma market over the course of two decades. With hard work and dedication, we are proud to announce us the best Third Party Pharma Manufacturer, Supplier, and trader to deal in more than 500+ products. We are growing our initial products range to meet our client demand. Our units are situated in excise-free zones of Himachal Pradesh providing cost-effective services. Our company has heavily invested in improving technology, replacing machines and equipment with modern ones, hiring highly skilled workforce and bringing the maximum quality for our product range. You can anytime contact us at +91-9216599595 for detailed inquiry about of pharmaceuticals manufacturing services pan India.

Get Best Third Party Manufacturing Services of Wide Range Tablets | Capsules | Dry Syrups | Injectables & Nutraceuticals 

Bringing you a perfect drug list and composition, packaging designs and techniques, attractive marketing literature, and professional experience, Biophar Lifesciences will help you customize your dream products list of varied range and therapeutic value. We have space for bulk production to meet your every demand for different dosage formulations. Just submit your list and we will help you outsource multiple antibiotic tablets, herbal syrups, Injectables, nutraceuticals soft gels capsules, derma creams/lotions, different liquid products, etc.

Production Capacity

  1. Tablets (Beta-lactam) = 1 crore/month
  2. Tablets (Non -beta - lactam) = 2 Crore/month
  3. Liquid Orals = 750000 Bottle/month
  4. Soft Gelatin = 40 lac/month

WHO & GMP Certifed Third Party Manufacturing Company in India - Biophar Lifescience

Haryana-based Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Company, Biophar Lifesciences has a comprehensive experience of 10+ years. Our manufacturing Pharma units are situated in Himachal Pradesh efficiently meeting demands and requests of over 1000+ drug segments. We have a wide network of logistic partners and experienced personnel to help you produce and supply fine quality DCGI approved drug solutions. Here, you’re offered complete transparency and promised the best customer satisfaction via efficient business operations. Improved techniques with decreased deviation amalgamated with modern technology are a great feature of our Biophar Lifesciences, credited to greater credibility.

  • 500+ DCGI-FDI Approved Products List
  • With Self-Own Manufacturing Unit
  • ISO-GMP Certified Pharma Company
  • Skilled & Experienced Staff
  • Latest Machines & Equipment
  • Wide Network of Logistic Partners
  • Best QA/QC Standards Applied

What Makes Us Best For Pharma Manufacturing Services?

Collaborating with a trusted Pharmaceuticals Company is essential for procuring better quality and reliable drug formulations. We, Biophar Lifesciences have invested in world-class infrastructure with units fully furnished with latest machines and types of equipment. Our products have good demand across the globe working with top players of this industry. The manufacturing process is complex and required vast investment. Our company services offer a lucrative deal where you can cut-costing and produce the highest quality drug formulations with an endless list.

Salient features of Biophar Lifesciences:

Vast Experience: With years of knowledge and experience, Biophar Lifesciences offers more than 900+ range of drugs to companies across India. It is our dedication that we’re a trusted name in the market for Third party manufacturing services developing, producing, packaging, and delivering reliable formulations with optimal therapeutical value. Our patient-centric approach has led to millions of happy consumer base/ Therefore, making us the best choice when it comes to pharmaceuticals outsourcing, supplying, and trading in India.

Wide Network of Logistic Partners: Our Company has joined hands with Pharma Distribution and logistics experts across the globe having GMP Facilities. They support the regulatory-compliant movement, management, and transportation which include shipment, freight, etc. This ensures that your order is delivered within the time frame –fast and safely. Our logistic team has ensured all the requirements for safe transportation of drug formulation without any harm or particular temperature requirement.

Great Flexibility: Though Biophar Lifesciences depends on complicated procedures, we are very flexible when it comes to critical situations and needs. We always improvise and explore creative ways to meet the demands of the medical market, patients, and clients. We quickly adapt to newer technologies and processes to enhance your ultimate experience working with us.

Cost-Efficient Techniques: With us, you’ll benefit cost-effectiveness ratio (CER), or the cost per unit. Our units are situated in tax heaven location in a green environment. We use an efficient cost-effectiveness model (CEM) along with the machinery and expertise required to cut the variable and fixed cost of production. These include Labor Costs, Raw Material Costs, and Overhead Costs We offer the most economic deals with reasonable budget-friendly charges. Each step is accurately optimized to help save you more on your investments.

Skilled Workforce: Talented, Experienced, and Professional expertise are a feature at Biophar! Our company has always hired people with proper knowledge and trained them to Excellency.  Each of our departments is shared by skilled employees who have great knowledge in their field.

Quality Control and Assurance Adopted for Pharmaceuticals Products

Biophar Lifesciences has put great emphasis on following best practices and processes for manufacturing pharmaceuticals drugs. We diligently follow standards laid by WHO and GMP (Goods Manufacturing Practices) for improvising control over the quality, safety, and required measurements from drug development to distribution.

Drug discovery: Good Laboratory Practice:

  • Labs are well maintained and updated to carry out all Q.C. tests and analyses.
  • Separated departments from manufacturing departments to avoid contamination.
  • Separate Wings are made for instruments, microbiological, analytical, sterility, etc interconnected with the internal door.
  • Provisions are made for space, ventilation, airlock system, A.C., fumigation chamber, etc.
  • The latest equipment is installed.

Drug trials: Good Clinical Practice:

  1. All the clinical trials are conducted in accordance with ethical principles.
  2. Each drug trial was done under the expert care of Biophar Lifesciences.
  3. We always keep in mind the rights and safety of the consumer.

Manufacturer: Good Manufacturing Practice:

  1. International standards followed.
  2. Lowered risk and increased elimination of deviations.
  3. Small batches are tested for each unit with maintain batch manufacturing records.
  4. Storage: Good Storage Practice.
  5. Changed made are met with the highest quality requirements to fulfill the gap.
  6. Trained staff is hired for development, production, and packaging to delivery.
  7. There have been no market complaints when it comes to the authenticity of our range. We’re always welcome for suggestions and advice and try to improve with time.

Certified WHO -GMP Units For Best Third Party Manufacturing Services in India

Biophar Lifesciences has implemented the best practices when it comes to development, production to packaging facilities. Our units are set up in an excise duty-free green location offering vast and proper area for design, monitoring, and control over the complete process. International standards are followed to ensure that the final product has all the features of quality, reliability, durability and effectiveness. We are a proud ISO, WHO and GMP certified Pharmaceuticals Company that has been delivering exceptional services to companies across the world. Our plants cover the best practices:

  • Best hygiene and cleanliness practices are highly prioritized.
  • We have controlled environmental conditions to avoid cross-contamination and adulteration.
  • Every record is maintained from instructions, operations, batch, etc.
  • Vigorous training to perfection is provided to each person.
  • Every complaint, suggestion, or advice is taken seriously and taken necessary steps for a better experience.

Ultra Modern Manufacturing Facility at Top 3rd Manufacturing Company

Biophar Lifesciences has heavily invested in bringing you world-class infrastructure facilities with cut-edge technology for R&D, manufacturing, packaging, and transporting pharmaceuticals drug formulations. We have an experienced, skilled, and innovative workforce to help you get better results. We offer a products list of more than 500+ medicines that cover the different dosage forms and therapeutic segments. We have ensured that our company meets all your requirements. The units are set up according to the latest international standards and Schedule M. We pay good attention to the technological needs of today for efficiency and reliability when it comes to pharma manufacturing for your company brands. Some of the popularly adopted methods are as follows:

  1. Efficient quality management systems
  2. Hygiene and contamination-free space for manufacturing different dosage forms.
  3. Testing done on small batches to ensure higher efficacy of medications.
  4. Modern machinery and equipment.
  5. Best quality raw material sourced from trusted vendors.
  6. The latest and improvised techniques are adopted.
  7. Cost-effective manufacturing procedures.
  8. Dedicated warehouses in each zone.

Benefits of Collaborating with Biophar Lifesciences 'Top Third Party Pharma Manufacturer

Bringing you quality pharmaceuticals products for Third party manufacturing services near you, Biophar Lifesciences has dedicated itself to bringing you better client satisfaction via patient-centric and authentic drug formulations. We’re an ISO GMP-approved manufacturer, supplier, trader, and marketer of over 600+ drugs. Therefore, you can trust our company for fine medicines, professionalism, and affordability. We have expanded our horizons each time to meet your growing needs. The benefits of connecting with our company are as follows:

  1. Quick Delivery as Promised
  2. International Standards Followed
  3. Quality Raw Material Sourcing
  4. Accessible Bulk Facilities
  5. Economic Rates
  6. Cost-effective Methods
  7. Dedicated Units
  8. Small Batches Accepted
  9. Complete Quality Assurance etc. 

Terms & Conditions to Apply for Our Services

Biophar Lifesciences is available round the clock to help you with your requirements of pharmaceuticals manufacturing. Once decided, we will require you to submit a written (or printed) documents pertaining information of the list of drugs and their combination with brand names and necessary details.  After the payment finalization and mutual consent, the process of production will take place.

Duration of Manufacturing to Departure:  40-50 days upon confirmation of your order.

Important: Any extra quantity or re-order will be counted as additions and will add to lesser costing but extended days of production depending upon the size.

This Includes:

  1. Drug Approval from the head department: 5-7 days
  2. Procurement of Printed Packing material: 10-20 days
  3. Production Period: (10-15 days)
  4. Delivery (2-7 days)

Batch Size / MOQ Accepted: Our Company accepts minimum quantity for each order. In the case of Beta-Lactam drugs, we accept small batches also due to their complex and costly nature.  

  1. Tablets, Caplets, Capsules, Softgel, Pills, etc: <50,000 units
  2. Liquids Range, Ointments, injections: <5000 units

Payment Method:  You will have to pay a certain amount (usually 50%) of the payment as a confirmation of your order along with mail as a green signal. The departure of final products will be released once complete payment is done. Under different circumstances, the amount can be paid after delivery or Performa invoice acceptance. Credit is based on customer credit history and other factors for which you can contact us and know in detail.

You can connect at any time for queries for details related to our pharma manufacturing and supply services for your business. 

Contact Information 

Name: Kiran Sankhyan
Registered Office Adress: 2HB NO.234,Pabhat,Zirakpur SAS Nagar(Mohali)
Admin Office Adress: Office No-20,Paras Down Square Mall, Zirakpur
Phone Number: :+91-9216599595

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